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We specialize in location photo shoots of architectural projects for the commercial design, construction, and AEC company professional to better advertise and market their building, design services, or architectural product.

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If you’re ready to hire a photographer for your next marketing project, see how our award winning architectural photography services in San Francisco and Northern California can help your company look its best.

Brett Drury Architectural Photography, Company Ratings & Reviews:

  • "Brett Drury captured both the form and feeling in his photographs. He took a large scale project and was able to focus on some of the key details to show its uniqueness, while still accurately capturing a sweeping overview."

    Sharon Houk - Marketing Manager at EHS Design

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  • "We have enjoyed working with Brett over the last several years. His flexibility to accommodate us in areas that were not on his schedule has made him our obvious choice to photograph our key product installations."

    Michael Freedman - Exec. VP at Innovision Flooring Corp.

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  • "The images captured by Brett Drury Architectural Photography far exceeded our expectations. Each picture duly captured the difference our window film products make. We were very impressed!"

    Tamara De La Fuente - Ntl. Comms. Officer at Huper Optik U.S.A.

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  • "Brett's photographs have helped me win ASID awards and I recommend him highly."

    Linda Robinson, ASID - President at Robinson & Shades Interiors

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  • "More than a lot of other photographers, Brett Drury knows architecture. He has a degree in the subject, graduating magna cum laude from the University of Arizona, and worked for several years at firms in Arizona and California."

    "Hot Shots" - pages 46-47, Sources & Design Magazine

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  • "Brett’s highly professional manner and accommodating style proved to be invaluable in shooting a project with high security and a challenging window of time. We look forward to many more shoots around the country."

    Kathy Hathorn - President at American Art Resources

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